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Hello all and welcome to the Results Thread for the 2015 "The Greatest Games" Event!

During the past two months, more than eighty users from our awesome community here at gamrConnect revealed their 50 favorite games, from November 12th to December 31st (50 games in 50 days!). By the time the dust settled we were left with over 1,100 unique and beloved games, and from there on out, numbers were crunched and data was obtained. And what we're left with is a list! A list of 350 different games, ranked all the way from number 350 to all the way down to number 1, the culmination of more than 80 lists of amazing games.

Now, here comes the disclaimer: This list is not definitive in any way. It's just the combined opinions of unique gamrConnect users. You'll also find that there's no platforms or publishers in the main list, only the game, year, and development team. Those developers are the ones who brought these amazing games to life through their hard work, creativity, and passion for gaming, so let's focus on these groups of people and give them the praise they deserve.

If you're looking for a certain compilation, remake, remaster, or game released after October 31, 2015, you wont find them here. Each game provided is the original game, given the release date for when it hit Western (US or PAL) shores (or if it never has released overseas, then its original release date).

With that said, here are the top 350 games voted on by the community here on gamrConnect. In the end I hope you can use this thread to look back at the best of gaming and rekindle that joy that this hobby of ours brings to us. From gaming's past to a bright future, here's to video games.