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My siblings and I getting a Playstation for Christmas in 2001 (?) from Grandma - which really meant that she gave my parents money and they bought it but I digress. We played it so much between the 5 of us that it melted by 2003. Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal 2, Gran Turismo, Sheep Raider, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater etc. Played a lot of co-op Twisted Metal and HORSE on THPS. That thing will forever be my favourite system.

I also remember the family getting a Wii in 2010 (?). That was the greatest system for getting us all to play games together - I remember asking for one after I played Wii Sports at a friend's house every lunch hour on school days. My sister dominated Wii Boxing and Basketball, my brother dominated Wii Table Tennis and Cycling, and I pretty much raked everything else. We had Mario Kart and Brawl as well, which also brought tons of holiday fun.

To me it will never matter how great the graphics are or how well online multiplayer is implemented; I will forever miss those hours of couch co-op with my family we got on the PS1 and Wii. Even my parents played those games. My mom playing as Axel is one of my fondest gaming memories.

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