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binary solo said:

If PS4 wins NPD narrowly it will only be crow-flavoured hors-d'oeuvres being served rather than a full 5 course crow banquet.

What are the implications of a Xb one win? November was a month that should have been PS4's 2 big name special edition bundles and the first time PS4 put in an appearance at $299. What did Xb one have? Perhaps some Halo 5 carry over, but with a somewhat disappointing start and low historical sales for a numbered Halo game this would not be a significant factor for November. The Gears $299 bundle, with gift card at some retailers, was the huge driver for black friday. It's hard to credit Fallout 4 with much of a hardware advantage over PS4 when PS4 ended up selling more of FO4 than Xb one. I suspect VGC giving Xb one a near 30K advantage that week was a bit high, but not significant enough to put PS4 into a winning position for the month.

That Tomb Raider effect. Fractured the fanbase and shunned by the Xbox community.