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Youkai Watch has become a massive hit in Japan, there's nothing new in that regard. But it's still a fairly young franchise, and there's still some things that has to prove. Youkai Watch Dance U is important for a couple of things: it's the first home console title that carries the IP and it's the first franchise crossover (YW meets Just Dance). Will Youkai Watch Dance U be able to sell as well as the rest of the games, will it be just a moderated success, or will it be the first YW bomb?

I personally think it will do well, but I doubt it will pass the million, at least during its first year. I don't know if the YW crowd also owns a WiiU, and maybe a Just Dance reskin won't be enough to move enough consoles to that audience. A full Youkai Watch game for WiiU yes, but not a spinoff.

Also,  how many units will it move its opening week? I think that 200k is a reasonable number, even if it has very few songs. YW keeps surprising in sales so I'll aim high. I'll keep track of your predictions and rebump this thread once the numbers are in.

User First week Tota sales (after a year)


Octane 30k 200k
Luke888 120k
Edwardooo 35k


RELEASE WEEK 06/12/15 7.060 units sold through retail. 13ºth best selling game that week

13./00. [WIU] Yo-Kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version # (Level 5) {2015.12.05} (¥4.622) - 7.060 / NEW

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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