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With the NX Dev Kits being given to developers, finally 3rd parties can look up to develop their titles on new hardware (or they could already and the dev kits were circulating for a long time, who knows). However, It seems that not every big 3rd party studio has had the chance to get one of those yet. That might indicate two things: either some studios are not in a hurry to develop for the NX (or they don't care for it at all), or Nintendo has a priority list of companies that get the software tools first.

Nintendo has likely given some extra time to some companies and/or some extra info about the new system to those that are in best terms with. Even with 1st party titles moving most of the hardware, 3rd parties add a lot of value to a console, something Nintendo has struggled to keep, at least in the home console front. Which companies do you think Nintendo has given priority for the developement on their system? And what factor might have more weight in that decision: software success, brand loyalty, need to regain some demographics...?

This is not so much a NX speculation thred as a thread about Nintendo's relations with 3rd parties, by the way.

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