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Ryng_Tolu said:
binary solo said:
Damn! imagine if PS4 is 2:1 over Xb one in July. That would be crazy. And I think Sony PR would probably have said as much. So I don't think it will be.

So I'm guessing 50% is rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5. A 250K for PS4 for July would make the PS4bone LTD 48.5% greater than the PS360 launch aligned LTD. That's close enough to 50% to say 50% when comparing generations. The lower end for PS4 is 190K. If PS4 only got 190K then it would be 48% flat. Either way it's close enough to say 50% in this context. But the ceiling, for being at or just below 50% is 407K which means 2:1 PS4 over Xb one for July is possible with 388K being the 2:1 mark.

Dude... stop. just stop.

I feel responsible to tell you how rude and disrespect you are to other users and not just as this post but a lot more.

First of all, Binary Solo is older than you by a huge difference. Maybe you should you know, have some manners to the older guys than you.

Second of all, why all of a sudden attacking him? Is it because of your guesses and estimations only matters and his isn't?