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Boutros said:
Conegamer said:
Boutros said:

Yeah sure I could do that for hardware but it would be kinda messy for software. So I'll do hardware right now!

You see? This is why you're the best Boutros

Thanks! No need to worry about HW, VGC isn't the most accurate thing ever anyway for that.

:D Thanks!

And here it is!


What do y'all think of that last week?! Batman: Arkham Knight came out on week 4 so week 5 should see a drop for PS4 and XBO but y'all guess is as good as mine!

Seems reasonable enough. 250k PS4, 200k XOne, 100k 3DS/Wii U in short then. 

Will be interesting to see what NPD says.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.