Dusk said:
FloatingWaffles said:
Ok, so after reading more into this I didn't realize until now that the actual reason Nintendo doesn't want to publish it is because they thought it was an awful game? Lol, to be fair you can't blame them though, if something's going to be terrible they probably won't want their name on it or for it to be considered a "nintendo game" or something.

Kind of makes the whole point of them getting it as an exclusive pointless though lol.

Weird considering they funded it and likely helped develop it because of the funding. Kind of like Bayo 2. Seems like they screwed up if they see it as not being a good investment don't ya think?

Well, it's certainly an indicator of a mistake in investment.  But it could be they legit trusted a well respected veteran of the industry and said veteran screwed up.  It happens.  A name is worth a lot, but trusting it can also lead to problems.  It's not like old veterans have never screwed up a project before.