heavenharp said:
RealGamingExpert said:
heavenharp said:

lol if nintendo had the same amount of third party support, ps4 and x1 wouldn't stand a chance against wii u.

"They need to go handheld only"

no, they don't.

"If it really does launch next year and is their next home console, then they can only achieve that by being weaker than the Xbox One. Makes a lot of sense to me and I think it's the right call."

that makes no sense and is far from the right call.

Based on what? People buy nintendo consoles for Nintendo exclusives, yet not even 10M people own the Wii U. Third party support is nice, but it wouldn't win them the whole generation. Just look at the Wii. It was revolutionary, had third party support, and yet only outsold the PS3 and Xbox 360 by 20M.

Their next console won't have that bonus.

Nintendo simply doesn't have a good enough reputation under gamers for their next system to sell as much as the PS4. It's a long way to get there and they would need to market a lot. And not towards children obviously. Knowing Nintendo, this will never happen.

lol I can't believe you're serious. The wii BARELY HAD THIRD PARTY SUPPORT.

you said nintendo couldn't compete EVEN WITH THE SAME 3RD PARTY SUPPORT and that's absolutely wrong. nintendo would be number 1 with the same support from 3rds as the others get.

10 years ago I think that would be true ... but today I dunno. I think Nintendo has allowed MS/Sony to consolidate their grip on core gamers too much, that it wouldn't be that simple. 

If I'm a PS4 owner who doesn't particularily care for Mario or Zelda, I'm not going to ditch my PSN account with my friends on it so I can play the same games on a Nintendo console.