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LipeJJ said:
Paatar said:

This would actually be pretty benficial I think. Monolith did a great job with Xeno X. The textures... everthing. They really pushed the game to look amazing and it does. They could most definitely help speed up the process developing of Zelda U.

I mean, the story is already done in Zelda U*, so now they are basically just developing and fixing and polishing to the max. *This is just speculation and a guess. There was no official confirmation. However, I think it is a safe bet. 


What do you think? Should Monlith assist the team? I think they should. 

Dear God, no. The textures of XCX were pretty average at best. Zelda U already showed much better visuals (well, except for ugly-washed rocks, but it's pre-alpha stuff anyway). But I agree that overall Monolith could help them a lot speeding up the process.

These textures are comparable to some of Zelda's that we have seen. That tree looks like it has real bark, the rocks look very good... they did a VERY good job with textures...

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