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jlmurph2 said:
Protendo said:

Just look at the deals Microsoft is offering now. If that doesn't give them a boost, not sure what will.

$350 gets you
Xbox One 500GB
Assassin Creed Unit (40)
Halo Master Chief Collection (60)
$50 Microsoft Store Gift Card (50)
1 Game of your choice. (60)

+5 % off coupon (17.5)

350 - (227.5 in percieved value) = $122.5 Xbox One.

ACU is $20 and MCC is $30

That really doesn't change much. I just went by Amazons normal prices. Halo: MCC as an example is still $60 at most places like Gamestop.  Looks like both Amazon and Gamespot list Assasin Creed Unith as 39.99 normal price as well.  Interesting.