Arlo said:
leo-j said:
Arlo said:
I don't know why everyone is so confident in the PS4 right now. At this point I feel like Xbox is going to start catching up, unless Sony can get out some real heavy hitters real soon. The benefits they had going into this gen are going away.

lol so mgs v , sw bf, cod, fallout, all being better on ps4 isn't going to push consoles? right.....

I personally don't buy the whole "better on" thing.  They're still all the same games, and people tend to buy consoles based on features and exclusives.  Microsoft just made it a whole lot easier for 360 owners to make the jump with BC and a new Halo.  It's doubtful to me that in the face of all that, getting some DLC early is going to be the deciding factor.

except halo won't sell as much as any of those games ...... not even batman probably..

also most of those ip have sony branding and marketing all over them along with exclusive content and early dlc.... and are going to run/look better on ps4.....


just because 360 owners can play some 360 games on one that they can already play on 360 doesn't mean it's going to have more of an impact than any of those monster ip on ps4...... if we are talking features you can throw PS now, share play, and way more bang for your buck PS plus than xbl, and the way bigger install base to add on to that..... if we talk exclusives ps4 has more games releasing on it than Xbox one this year.....