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SpokenTruth said:
Paatar said:
I have a feeling most of the first week sales were by people who had a Wii U and then after the HUGE praise the game has been getting, it caused even more people to want it.

This is freaking awesome.

You can't define a system seller any better than that.

Yeah. Even a kid I know (who has not had any interest in the Wii U until now) was telling me and his friends how much he wants a Wii U with Splatoon. I told him the game was really fun and worth it.

Even a kid who (is 12, and a PS4 fanboy, literally) was mentioning Splatoon. (he was trying to convince his friend not to get the Wii U, probably because he wants one first ;) lol) but I mean come on, a 12 year old PS4 fanboy is talking about Splatoon. 

I really want to see the numbers for the rest of the world. I am honestly thinking the game did 200k+ in NA alone first week. I think it will do 1m by the end of June.

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