ErikaEinhardt said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
id rather they take lke 4-5 years to make the game quality rather than fart one out every 2 years and rush it

And yet one of the top 3 most popular games in the franchise took just a year when one of the most hated took 5... maybe they should learn to reuse a games engine and assets every now and then.

Every Zelda becomes ''the most hated'' no one is ever happy. It's the ''Zelda Cycle'' just like Sonic has.


A Zelda game is announced, people are excited and then it releases and people hate it and say its the worst ever. Then they wait for the next one and the next one is annoucned and they get excited. Then its released and they say it sucks and its the worst ever and the PREVIOUS one they played(which they originaly hated) is now a good game and is ''underrated''


we'll just use recent examples of Wind Waker/Twilight Princess being these games. 


Then when Zelda U is released,people will complain about it and then say Skyward Sword is better, its just the pattern 

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