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Nem said:
Roronaa_chan said:

Maybe they are right. Some of these are entries in long standing series but I guess even though they keep making them nobody is playing them, while everyone plays series that don't even get past one title like Alan Wake, Too Human, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, (for now) Ryse, etc.

That is a completely westernized PoV. Those games may look interesting at first glance because they are aimed at western tastes. Its exactly the same thing the japanese say when those games come to their shore but reversed.

Different people have different tastes, its not only limited to one type. Many of those games may very well be better than the ones you mentioned (well blue dragon and lost odyssey are japanese though, so i'm not sure it qualifies on what the other poster was saying).

For example, im currently playing Disgeaa 4 and its an amazing game. Funny, well designed varied levels, cool characters, lots of customization. I find it alot better than Alan Wake, Too human, and Ryse. Its up to what you find more interesting, but to say one or the other doesnt have quality because you are not interested in it, is a gross overstatement. You may think that, but you can't force in on others, nor is it an absolute truth. Just for yourself.

Nippon ichi is well known for there wacky storylines  and great characters! They are  the masters of tactical rpg's disgaea being there flagship! 


Highly underrated developer in the west.


My youtube gaming page.