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Boutros said:
tbone51 said:
Can somebody find out the #s coming from Nintendo SW on gaf?

Skimming through the pages, seems as DK is nearing 500k lifetime there and WiiU has 5 or 6 games with 10k+ that are MP10,SSBU,Kirby,MK8,Captain Toad in that order.

I think if a user on gaf ask for them we can have it!

He only said that there are 5 games above 10k on Wii U this month which includes Captain Toad but no other games were mentionned although SSBU and MP10 are sure things.

And DKCTP should reach 500k LT in a couple of weeks.

Wish they gave us exact #s, thankz many keep asking on gaf :0

DK should be around the 480k-490k mark, since it'll be nearing the 500k soon. I wanted to know Kirby's #s and Captain Toad especially