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TheGoldenBoy said:
tbone51 said:

i would of said the same thing if it werent for FF dropping in price so quick. Also MP held pretty well on amazon for the longest. If i had a prediction before seeing that i would of guessed MP10 around 100k and FF type 0 about 300k-350k because of the demo for FFXV...

Not to sure now, if i had to guess it be MP10 around 240k-250k and FF type 0 between 210k-250k...

Well see tomorrow

Amazon also led us to believe that Evolve bombed and The Order did extremely well, but NPD clearly told us differently. Just saying, I don't think Amazon is best indicator of overall software sales.

Your right, but order was only there for a couple of days :p

But i do agree, SW isnt really how it looks on amazon, that said maybe MP did well... I dont think FF did well because of how quick the price dropped.