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Welcome to The Official Game Music Recommendation Thread!

With all these great video games released over these past decades, so does great music that comes with it! The intent of this thread is to collect all the great music out there on the Internet. If you enjoy game music, are an occasional listener, or if you are just interested in what game music has to offer, then feel free to contribute to this thread. Of course, your help is also needed to make this list complete as possible so if you don't see your favourite music or remix here, then post below! Pease include the game as well as the title to make it easier for categorization

This list is organized alphabetically by game franchise. Then, games within that franchise and the music tracks within each game are also organized alphabetically.
Game series with many music recommendations will be linked to another post.

Covers and remixes are accepted but complete OSTs will not be added to the list at the moment, but may be included in the future.

If there are any errors or dead links in the list, please notify me and I will try to get them fixed as soon as possible.
Approved by Conegamer :)

Enjoy the extensive and vast list that video game music has to offer!


Ace Combat 6
Chandelier -

Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Main Theme -

Animal Crossing
Main Theme  [GCN]
Main Theme [Wild World]
Main Theme [New Leaf]
K.K. Cruisin [AC]
K.K. Condor  [AC]
K.K. Rider [Brawl]
Bubblegun K.K. [SSB4]
Outdoors at 7 p.m. Sunny [SSB4]

Assassin's Creed
Dream of Venice [AC2]
Home in Florence  [AC2]
Tour of Venice  [AC2]

Citrus [Annie]
Hanashirube/Flower Marks [Ayesha]
Yo no Hoshi [Ayesha]
My Name is Legion [Escha & Logy]
Dorothy's Tiger [Escha & Logy]
Nefertiti [Mana Khemia]
Falling, The star light [Rorona]
Fushigi no recipe [Rorona]
Rusty Sky [Shallie]
Scorpio [Shallie]

Banjo Kazooie
Final Gruntilda Challenge  [Nuts and Bolts]
Gruntilda Boss Theme

Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) -
Bynn the Breaker -
Mine, Windbag, Mine -
Spike in a Rail -
Terminal March -
Twisted Streets -

Baten Kaitos
The Valedictory Elegy  [SSB4]
Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
The true mirror (guitar ver.):
Violent Storm:
Supreme Ruler of the Nine Heavens:
Survival from the Force:
The Last of Evil Party:
Baten Kaitos Origins:
Le Ali del Principio:
Ruinous Commander:
Broken Manas and My One and Only:
Powerful Voice of an Old Soul:
The Valedictory Elegy:

Main Theme - [Arkham City]

The Greatest Jubilee [Bayonetta]
Let's Dance, Boys! [Bayonetta]
Paradiso: A Sea of Stars [Bayonetta]

BBC Micro
Cure to Kill [Remastered]

Cohen's Masterpiece
Dr Steinman
Mr Bubbles/Little Sister

Beat a Nail With Your Hammer! - 

Blue Dragon
The Seal is Broken -

Brave Fencer Musashi
The Musashi Legend -

Bravely Default
8-Bit Battle Medley -
Against Ba'al i ; Turtle Dove -
Ballad Moving Towards Hope (Staff Credits) -
Conflict's Chime -
Fighting to the End -
Horizon of Light and Shadow -
Love's Vagrant -
Ship Soaring Through the Heavens -
Serpent Eating the Ground -
That Person's Name Is
World of Scattering Flowers -
You Are my Hope -

Broken Sword Shadow of the Templars
Intro Theme -

Bubble Bobble
Main Theme -

Bug Princess
Cry! Scream!!!

2 Bad -
Power -
Uwasa no CAPOEIRA -

Burnout 3
Lazy Generation -

Call of Duty/Modern Warfare
Main Menu Theme [CoD4]

Cannon Fodder
War, Never Been so much Fun -

Vampire Killer
Super Castlevania 4 - Simon's Theme [Super Castlevania 4]
Dance of Illusions [The Dracula X Chronicles]
Aquarius: [Circle of the Moon]
Proof of Blood: [Circle of the Moon]
Vampire Killer: [Circle of the Moon]

Cave Story
Labyrinth Fight
Last Battle
Main Theme
Mimiga Town
On to Grasstown
Running Hell

Child of Light
Off to sleep:

Chrono Series
[Click Here]

Baba Yetu [IV]

Code of Princess
Distille's Theme -

Command and Conquer
Hell March - [Red Alert]

Crysis 2
Epilogue (Main Theme) -

Dance Dance Revolution
Kimono Princess

Dead or Alive
Exciter [2]
Natural High [2]
The Shooted [2]
Tehu Tehu [2]
Oiran Drive [5U]

Dead Island
Preview (Trailer Music)
Who Do you Voodoo?

Burning Halloween Town
Hell's Emperor

Devil May Cry
Lock and Load [DMC]
Psycho Siren [DMC]
Seeds of Love [DMC]
Super Ultra Violet [DMC]
Heads or Tails [DMC2]
Bad Blood Between Us [DMC3]
Devils Never Cry [DMC3]
Sibling Showdown [DMC3]
Shall Never Surrender [DMC4]

Deus Ex
Main theme

Donkey Kong
Bayou Boogie [DKC2]
Boss Bossanova [DKC2]
Crocodile Cacophony [DKC2]
Donkey Kong Rescued [DKC2]
Flight of the Zinger [DKC2]
Forest Interlude [DKC2]
Hot Head Bop [DKC2]
Jib Jig [DKC2]
K Rool Returns  [DKC2]
Klomp's Romp [DKC2]
Krook's March [DKC2]
Lockjaw's Saga [DKC2]
Mining Melancholy [DKC2]
Snakey Chantey [DKC2]
StickerBrush Symphony [DKC2]
Swanky Swing [DKC2]
Welcom to Crocodile Island [DKC2]
Angry astecs theme [64]
Crystal caves theme [64]
Fungi Forest theme [64]
Frantic Factory theme [64]
Jungle Japes theme [64
Seashore War [Tropical Freeze]
Scorch n Torch [Tropical Freeze]

Moon Theme
Moon Theme (Orchestral Remix)

Duke Nukem
Forever Theme
Main Theme

Eight Melodies (Orchestral Remix)
Magicant/Eight Melodies [SSB4]
Mother 3 - Love Theme [Brawl]
Onett Theme
Onett / Winter Theme [SSB4]
Pollyanna (I believe in you) [SSB4]
Smiles and Tears [SSB4]
Battle Against a Slow Foe [Mother 4 fan game]
Boom Town Lounge [Mother 4 fan game]
The Green Run [Mother 4 fan game]
Hometown Laze [Mother 4 fan game]
Useful Vacation [Mother 4 fan game]

Eternal Darkness
Black Rose -
The Somme -

Etrian Odyssey
Emerald Woodlands [EO1] [Untold]
The Millennial Azure Woodlands [EO1] [Untold]
The Withered Forest [EO1] [Untold]
Cherry Tree Bridge [EOII] [Untold 2]
Heaven's Rock Seat [EOII] [Untold 2]
Woodland of Frozen Flowers [EOII] [Untold 2]
Woodland Ruins [EO II] [Untold 2]

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)
Lucas Theme -
Carla's Theme -
Santa Monica -

Final Fantasy
[Click Here]

Fire Emblem
[Click Here]

Purification of the City -

Mute City [MK8]

God of War
The Vengeful Spartan [GOW]
Main Titles [GOW2
Overture [GOW3]

Golden Axe
Death Adder -
Wilderness -

Golden Sun
Vale [Golden Sun] [Dark Dawn]

Main Theme

Operation Seedleek (Salamander [MSX exclusive soundtrack])
Power of Anger (Salamander [MSX])
Starfield (Salamander [Arcade/MSX/PC-Engine])
Fly High (Salamander [Arcade/MSX/PC-Engine])
Poison of Snake (Salamander/Gradius [Various])
Challenger 1985 (Gradius/Nemesis [Various])

Blow Me Away [Halo 2]
Halo 2 Theme [Halo 2]
Unforgotten [Halo 2]

Harvest Moon/Rune Factory

Heart of Darkness
Intro Theme - 

[Click Here]

Memory -

You were there

Nascense -

Jurrasic Park the Lost World
Primordial Forest -
San Diego -

Kid Icarus
Destroyed Skyworld [SSB4]
Lightning Battle

Killzone 2
Helghan Forever -

Killer Instinct
Main Theme -

King's Valley 2
Introduction (the first 1:20) The other soundtracks are good too
Stage Music 4 (Remastered)

Kingdom Hearts
Darkness of the Unknown [KH2]
Dismiss  [Birth by Sleep]
The Other Promise
Vector to the Heavens

Celestial Valley [Air Ride]
Frozen Hillside [Air Ride]
Magma Flows [Air Ride]
Sky Sands [Air Ride]
Boss Theme [Triple Deluxe]
Masked Dedede [Triple Deluxe]
C.R.O.W.N.E.D [Return to Dreamland]
Galacta Knight Boss Theme [Return to Dreamland]
Final Boss: [Rainbow Curse]
Impudent Big Tree (Boss 1) [Rainbow Curse]
Infiltrate the Junk Factory: [Rainbow Curse]
Kirby Rocket's Big Blastoff: [Rainbow Curse]

Stage 1 Theme (Knightmare 1 [MSX])
Castle Theme (Knightmare 2 [MSX])
World Theme (Knightmare 2 [MSX])

The Last of Us
All Gone (No Escape):
The Choice:
The Last of Us:
Main Theme [Voilin Cover]
The Path (A New Beginning):

Left for Dead
Re Your Brains  [2]

Legend of Legaia
Battle theme 2 -

Theme of Legaia -

The Legend of Zelda
[Click Here]

Lost Odyssey
A Mighty Foe Appears -
A Sign of Hope -
Battle Conditions -
Parting Forever -
Roar of the Departed Souls -

Look Pimpin

Castle Theme [SMW]
Cortez Boss Theme [Paper Mario]
Rawk Hawk [Paper Mario TTYD]
Shadow Queen Part 2 - [Paper Mario TTYD]
Elder Princess Shroob [Partners in Time]
Adventure's End [Dream Team]
Never Let Up! [Dream Team]
Bowser's Road [SM64]
Dire Dire Docks [SM64]
Staff Roll [SM64]
Ultimate Bowser [SM64]
Gusty Garden Galaxy [Galaxy]
Final Bowser Battle [Galaxy 2]
The Credits Roll [3D World]
Animal Crossing Song [MK8]
Cloudtop Cruise [MK8]

Mass Effect
Vigil [ME]
Suicide Mission [ME2]
Tali [ME2]
An End Once And For All [ME3]
Leaving Earth [ME3]

Max Payne
Main Theme - [2]

Mega Man
[Click Here]

Metal Gear
Red Alert [MG1]
Theme of Solid Snake [MG2/Integral Remaster]
Zanzibar Breeze [MG2/Integral Remaster]
The Best is Yet to Come  [MGS1]
Encounter [MGS1]
Escape [MGS1]
MGS Main Theme [MGS1 Integral]
VR Missions Theme [MGS1 Integral]
Alert-Evasion-Caution (Tanker) [MG2]
Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday [MGS2]
Frequency 140.85 [MG2]
Main Theme [MGS2]
Snake Eater Intro [MGS2]
Snake Eater Ending [MGS3]
Desperate Chase [MGS4]
Father and Son [MGS4]
Metal Gear Saga [MGS4]
It Has to be This Way [Rising]
The Only Thing I Know for Real [Rising Revengeance]
A Stranger I Remain  [Rising Revengeance]
Heavens Divide [Peace Walker]

Metroid Prime
Phendrana Drifts -
Title theme -
Staff Credits -

Mischief Makers
Final Battle:

Monster Hunter
Main Theme [MH3]
Cathar  [MH4U]
Zinogre [MHP]

Mortal Kombat
Immortals (performed by Adema) -

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