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The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening
Ballad of the Wind Fish [Link's Awakening]
Mabe Village [Link's Awakening]

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Forest Temple [Ocarina of Time]
Ganon's Tower [Ocarina of Time]
Gerudo Valley [Ocarina of Time]
Hyrule Field Main Theme [Ocarina of Time]
Hyrule Field Morning Theme [Ocarina of Time]
Kakariko Village [Ocarina of Time]
Kotake and Koume [Ocarina of Time]
Last Battle [Ocarina of Time]
Meet Zelda Again [Ocarina of Time]
Staff Roll [Ocarina of Time]
Windmill Hut [Ocarina of Time]

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
Clock Town Day 1 [Majora's Mask]
Final Hours [Majora's Mask]
Song of Healing [Majora's Mask]
Ancient Hero [The Wind Waker]

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker
Aryll's Theme [The Wind Waker]
Battle [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Dawn [The Wind Waker]
Dragon Roost Island [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Fairy Spring [The Wind Waker] [HD]
The Fairy Queen [The Wind Waker]
Farewell Hyrule King [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Forsaken Fortress [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Game Demo [The Wind Waker]
Ganondorf Battle [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Grandma [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Helmaroc King [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Hero of Wind [The Wind Waker]
Hyrule Castle [The Wind Waker]
Inside a House [The Wind Waker]
Jalhalla [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Journey [The Wind Waker]
Kalle Demos [The Wind Waker] [HD]
The Legendary (Hero) [The Wind Waker] [HD]
マコレ祈祷 Makar's Prayer [The Wind Waker] [HD]
メドリ祈祷 Medli's Prayer [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Menu Select [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Mini Boss [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Molgera [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Ocean / The Great Sea [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Outset Island [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Pirates [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Phantom Ganon [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Princess Zelda's Theme [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Staff Credits [The Wind Waker] [HD]
Title [The Wind Waker] [HD]

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventure
Hyrule Castle [Four Swords]
Infiltration of Hyrule Castle [Four Swords]
Lake Hylia [Four Swords]

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Ganondorf 2nd Battle [Twilight Princess]
Hidden Village [Twilight Princess]
Hyrule Field Main Theme [Twilight Princess]
Ilia's Theme [Twilight Princess]
Kakariko is Saved [Twilight Princess]
Kakariko Village [Twilight Princess]
Lake Hylia [Twilight Princess]
Midna's Lament [Twilight Princess]
Ordon Village [Twilight Princess]
Sacred Grove [Twilight Princess]

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks
Demon Train [Spirit Tracks]
Link and Zelda's Duet [Spirit Tracks]
Realm Overworld [Spirit Tracks]
Vs. Malladus (Part 2) [Spirit Tracks]
Vs. Malladus Part 3 [Spirit Tracks]

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Channel Intro [Skyward Sword]
Faron Woods [Skyward Sword]
Fi's Farewell [Skyward Sword]
Fi's Theme [Skyward Sword]
Get Farore's Courage [Skyward Sword]
Girahnim Battle [Skyward Sword]
Goddess Mission [Skyward Sword]
Harp Preformance with Kina [Skyward Sword]
Hymn of the Goddess [Skyward Sword]
Inside House [Skyward Sword]
Knight Academy Theme [Skyward Sword]
Lake Floria [Skyward Sword]
Link and His Loftwing [Skyward Sword]
Lumpy Pumpkin [Skyward Sword]
Main Theme [Skyward Sword]
Meet Zelda [Skyward Sword]
The Sky Fields Islands [Skyward Sword]
Skyfield [Skyward Sword]
Skyloft [Skyward Sword]
Skyloft Introduction [Skyward Sword]
Wing Ceremony Victory [Skyward Sword]
Romance Theme [Skyward Sword]
Zelda Missing [Skyward Sword]

Hyrule Warriors
Denouement [Hyrule Warriors]
Eclipse of the Moon [Hyrule Warriors]
Eclipse of the Sun [Hyrule Warriors]
Eclipse of the World [Hyrule Warriors]
Focal Line [Hyrule Warriors]
Silent Guardians [Hyrule Warriors]

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