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Chrono Trigger
Main Theme
Yearnings of the Wind
Boss Battle 1
Bike Chase
Battle with Magus
World Revolution
Final Battle
To Far Away Times

Chrono Cross
Scars of Time
Garden of God
Dreamwatch of Time
Dancing the Tokage
On The Beach of Dreams
Time's Grasslands
Arni Village
Another Arni
Drowning Valley
TheBrink of Death
Lost Fragments
Voyage (another world)
Another Guldove
Dead Sea ~ Tower of Ruin
Forest of Cutting Shadows
Prisoners of Fate
Leaving the Body
Dimension Breach
Orphanage of Flame
The Girl Who Stole the Stars
Gaea's Navel
Forzen Flame
Life ~ Distant Promise
Radical Dreamers

NintenDomination [May 2015 - July 2017]

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NintenDomination [2015/05/19 - 2017/07/02]




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