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CosmicSex said:
Ryng_Tolu said:
PS4 in TOP 5. :D
XBO in TOP 10. :D
Wii U in TOP 50. :D

All 3 console seems good.

Xbox One and PS4 are both running promotions.  Xbox One is selling well and PS4 is in Hercules mode.

Remindes me of the thread where people were arguing if price cuts and promotions would help the Xbox One overtake the PS4 (or simple reduce the gap.)  the answer to the second question seems to be yes.  An arugument you hear a lot is from people asking what would happen if the PS4 received similar drops/promotions.  Well, with free games, it rockets to #4 (righ behind the based Gods of Amazon aka the PSN cards).  This leaves just one more question - What would happen if the PS4 were to get a price cut?