bananaking21 said:
for those that mentioned Watch dogs and shovel night, i addressed those in the edit in the OP. i dont mind being wrong, though i feel i still have a point.

The WiiU has many problems. High quality IPs isn't one of them. If Ninty had gone with more new IPs instead of DK, MK8, and Smash, we'd all wonder aloud what the hell they were thinking.

If your point is that WiiU doesn't have 3rd party support, that's a dead horse. Kind of like how PS4 and X1 haven't spawned a single original 90+ metacritic ranked game in their life to date. 

Or are you telling us that if Nintendo were to introduce a really good, genuinely new IP on WiiU it'd make a substantial difference? Do you believe that?

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016