Not even close. I say 3DS has at most a year and a half before getting replaced by Nintendo's next handheld. From there sales will drop like a rock.

Not like they're very good right now either though. Down form 14m in 2013 to 9m in 2014. So let's say the 3DS somehow manages to sell exactly the same amount of consoles in the next 3 years as it did in 2014, that would be 27 Million. 27m + 50m = 77m

As for Vita, it sold 2.1m in 2014, assuming it matches that for the next 3 years, that would be 6m. So add that to the current install base of 9.5m and you get 15.5m.

77m + 15.5m = 92.5 Million. Even with unrealistic expectations of sales being flat and staying that way for the next 3 years, it still can't reach 100m. The real sales figure will be much much lower than 92.5m.