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spemanig said:
burninmylight said:

I'm about 90 percent of the way through RE:R, and I think it's safe for me to say that RE4 is the superior game, although they are similar. RE:R is so obviously a game built for a handheld on hardware weaker than the Wii/Gamecube. There aren't many different types of enemies, the environments are mostly hallways and corridors, and stages get kind of predictable (proceed somewhere, fight a few enemies along the way, big fight against a horde at the end of a stage, occasional boss battle repeat).

RE4 has more open areas that require you to do more than stick your back to a wall and shoot everything til it dies. It has more varied enemies that require different strategies. It has more unique bosses. It's customization options are a matter of opinion on which you'd prefer over Revelations: instead of finding parts, you pick up money from enemies or find it lying around to buy upgrades from a salesmen. The only thing I think that Revelations does that is superior is the inventory system, and that is also up to one's opinions, because you can technically carry more than three guns.

But yeah, a lot of RE4's praise comes from the fact that it pretty much turned the survival horror genre on its head at the time.

My thing is that I feel like I feel like it didn't. I haven't played Resi4, but it's hard not learning through the grapevine about that game, and it doesn't look scary at all. People said Revalations was scary, but it wasn't even a little bit. I love the game, but it wasn't a scary game. It was just thematically scary. People say TLOU was scary, but it wasn't. I may critisize it a lot, but I liked the game. It wasn't scary at all. It was just thematically scary. People always say that Resi4 revolutionized the horror genre, but I don't think it did, and since I don't consider Revalations or TLOU horror games, I feel like I won't consider Resi4 a horror game either. They're action adventure games. I feel like that's what Resi4 really turned on it's head.

If everything you say is true, I'm sure I'll like Resi4 even more than Revalations and TLOU, but I doubt I'll be calling it a horror game.

Yeah, calling them action games with horror themes would be more accurate. I called RE4 that out of habit. My point was that if you enjoyed RE:R, you'll likely enjoy RE4, because I believe the latter to be the superior game.