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This year was terrible for music...if all the music from this year came out last year, I don't even know if any of these albums would be in my top 10.

1: La Gargola by Chevelle

This album was easily Chevelle's best album in years. I really enjoyed Hats Off to the Bull, but this tops that album in every way. The songs hit hard and stay interesting and this album turned out to be the only one I am repeatedly coming back to.

2: So Much Forever by Bike for Three!

Over the course of the year, this was the only hip hop album I really enjoyed. Now, my tastes in hip hop are fairly strange and unfortunately, very few of the artists I like released albums in 2014, however, this album was really on point. Buck 65's solo stuff wasn't really what I wanted, but this album was.

3: Descensus by Circa Survive

I'm not entirely sure if I should include this album. I'm not the biggest fan of post hardcore music, but going back and listening to all of Circa Survive's old albums, there was a lot I enjoyed. While I enjoyed Descensus, I'd say it was their weakest album of the ones I listened to. Still enjoyable and a nice change of pace from my usual music, but this wouldn't have made the top 5 in a stronger year.

4. The Joy of Motion by Animals as Leaders

Another fairly strange choice for me, this album was quite strong, but not the type of thing I always listen to. I put it on every once in a while, but despite its technical merits, its not entirely my favorite album

I couldn't really find a fifth album that deserved a place on my list, but there were a few albums that I found interesting, although they didn't belong on this list:

Honorable Mentions (In no order):

Royal Blood
Casualties of Cool
Everything Metal (Periphery, Killer be Killed, Intervals, Cynic, Mastodon)
Slash and Myles Kennedy
Jack White