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Hey VGC!

It's come to our attention that several game walls (these ones) have become a little...well, "rowdy" let's say. Now, game walls are still a part of the site and, as with every other part of the site (threads, article comments, wall posts etc.) the forum rules have to be followed. As such we will be watching these more closely and moderating people who break the rules from this point, the same as anywhere else on the site.

This has always been a rule and people have indeed been banned for comments on game walls recently. However the scenario has got to a point where we felt it was needed to clarify that, if you break the rules anywhere on the site then you will be moderated. One issue with these game walls is that there is no report button. So, if you see something that is mod-worthy then please send myself or another moderator a PM and we'll handle it. 

Thanks guys, see you on the forums and the game walls hopefully!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.