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method114 said:
prayformojo said:
method114 said:
Chris Hu said:
Neither, both are somewhat overrated franchises.

lol SF is overrated? Ok I don't even know what to say to this. If there was a poll of the greatest fighting franchise of all time SF would win if not be damn near close it's far from overrated.

What ever happened to Tekken? I thought that use to be way up there too.

Tekken is probably the only franchise that would come close to beating SF. I wouldn't agree with that game being better even though I do enjoy the tekken games.

I grew up playing some SF in the arcades, but I've mostly only played the MK series because I have always like the mythos (not really a big fan of fighting games in general). I bought Tekken 4 for PS2 back in the day because people said it was the best fighter and so when you said SF was, I was curious if maybe I was mislead.