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chakkra said:
XanderXT said:
Eddie_Raja said:
nanarchy said:

yep, even with that there were plenty on these forums saying it was going to be a huge system seller, bigger than COD and Halo even. Wii U needs some good marketing, some 3rd party support and maybe a price drop if it wants to boost its baseline numbers.

It needs to be $150 with just a standard wireless controller.  This thing is 5 times weaker than the Xbox One, and it is nearly the same price at this point.  The Tablet Is. Not. Worth it.

Then why would anyone buy it? PS360 has more games. The Tablet is the only diffrenciator between the Wii U and PS360.

I really REALLY doubt that anyone would chose the Wii U over the PS360 because of the tablet. And this is coming from someone who actually likes the concept of off TV playing, but like Eddie_Raja said, paying $100 for it, is just not worth it.

And if you make it tabletless, you get a console with few exclusives, no multiplats, and weaker than the other consoles. I don't think that would make it have a boost in popularity.

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