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OfficerRaichu15 said:

Pretty much they are assuming that smash is not saving the wii u

they really are not smart to think that smash will save the wii u singlehandily

(got their sources from vgchartz actually)

Link please?  I was watching the video on IGN and they don't say what you are saying.

For one, they were just commenting on Wii U having only 6% of BF sales, and saying "Does that mean SSB didn't sell Wii U's?  People bought it but only people that were already on the Wii U?".  Where are you getting that "they thought Smash will save the Wii U singlehandedly"?  Lovely strawman sir.

Also why do you say it's from vgchartz?  Aren't they quoting InfoScout data?

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