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Oakland just fired Dennis Allen, so I'm expecting a burst from the Raiders, but their still the Raiders.

I agree. I think they'll play the Chargers surprisingly tight, but lose to them. They'll also show signs of life against the Cardinals, Browns, and Seahawks but ultimately fall short every time, then get demolished by Denver and go on to show that they are who we thought they were.

I hope they get at least one win. They finally drafted a legitimate NFL starting QB and they are no longer handing out bad contracts like ice cream cones like during the Al-zheimer years. They're still going to suck for a while, but at least that fanbase has hope now.

I dunno, I haven't found Reggie McKenzie's hiring decisions to be particularly inspiring. This goes from his selection of coaches, to his selection of quarterbacks (Matt Flynn and Matt Schaub both got paid well, at a time when no one else wanted them), to his choice in free agents. The first two years he had a financial mess on his hands, but that excuse has gone away. The results remain unimpressive, to say the least.