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Wright said:
kitler53 said:

did you get the achievement/trophy?   i thought about it for a second and then thought to myself, "deary me, that sounds impossible".   still,. it has always annoyed me i don't have 100% on braid.


I have it. :)

Took me a few tries, but not giving up is the key. The worst part of the speedrunning is the last damn chapter before 1. The one where you have to use Tim's engagement ring to slowdown time.  Easily twenty unavoidable minutes are sunk there.

yeah, i was thinking about that too.  but, unless there is a better way to solve it, the puzzle you have to jump off the ladder and land on top of the spiny things head in order to get the key always killed me.  i did a practise playthough in preperation for the speed run but i just couldn't manage to get that jump timed right.  was always like 20 minutes just on that one puzzle for me.