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GTAexpert said:

Have you even played Driveclub? It doesn't seem so, as anyone who has played both DC and MK8 will agree with me. Framerate doesn't make as big a difference as you make it out to be. MK8 graphics have a charisma, but Driveclub's graphics are very beautiful, impressive and stunning at the same time. Even Forza Horizon 2 on XB1 looks better than MK8, inspite of being open-world.

Instead of aimlessly making claims like @bold, stop your damn fanboying. Objectively look at the games. Where Driveclub, which I personally played fails in places Mario Kart makes up for it. 

Driveclub has some nice locations, but Mario Kart 8 seemlessly is a visual experience. From start to finish you are awed by the environments, the design, the artsyle, the detail and the fact it runs at 60fps is a plus. 

Yes Driveclub is more detailed and has more filtered effects to make you think what you are thinking, but when you get down to the nitty gritty it's not about what you can see, it's about what you can't see. No one is disagreeing with you because it's your opinion so i suggest you start respecting everyone elses opinions. Your whole multipage rant started because you disagreed with an opinion and think it's wrong because it's not your opinion. 

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