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benao87 said:
RenderMonk said:
It's hard not to be disappointed by what I'm seeing/hearing from FFXV lately. Going back to the initial reveal trailers (when it was FFvsXIII) it was so dark, and gritty and heavy feeling (something I miss in my FF games). It was supposed to be "a Fantasy based on Reality." The potential that held was phenominal. Was really looking forward to a deep story with complex battles.

From what I've seen of FFXV lately, it looks like we'll get non of that. Appears they are sticking with the formula of the last few games. Keep it light and fast paced, with the emphasis on auto-play. That's not what Final Fantasy's legacy is built on. If they want to reach a broader audience, do it with a new IP, or do it with a different IP. Final Fantasy is (was) a known brand that you knew what you were getting when you got into it. Now, it's anybody's guess....and it's usually for the worse.

To be fair, that's one of the most lame things I've seen in video games "a Fantasy based on reality", seriously? Who wrote that shit?


OT: It was a good video and the interview managed to clarify a lot of things. It looks fast paced, and interesting, but nothing mindblowing.

The "Fantasy based on reality" thing was cool when it first came out.  They just kept overusing it and it became a parody of itself almost.  They've stopped using that line now though I believe in the trailers and stuff.

As for the battle system, that was never expected to be the real meat of this game.  It can be dynamic , slow, fast, or bland, but the combat in most RPGs or ARPGs is just a gateway to the better stuff.    

RPG's rely much more on their game design to produce an amazing experience than most other genres.  Mostly because there are so many more levels of design in an RPG and that's what needs to be good for FFXV.  Game design simply put being the elements in a game that the player doesn't really have control over: Difficulty Balance (even if you can set a difficulty level, it's still preset based on what's provided), Number Balancing (Stats, HP, MP), Length of dungeons, Pacing of game, Pacing of Dungeons, What you can and can't do provided by the developers, Where you can and can't go: spacing limitations, and so on.

I'm not expecting the combat system to be incredible or mindblowing but it does look fun.  Regardless, if the options , exploration, side quests, creativity, story and secrets in FFXV aren't up to snuff it's not going to matter how good the combat is.

And that's the stuff we have yet to see that much of besides a few hints here and there.

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