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Lightning Returns is probably the least casual FF I've ever played... with maybe FFV as the exception.
FFXIII was probably the most casual. It's annoying when people talk about the whole trilogy as being casual when it's just wrong. Lightning Returns may not be a good game for many. But it is much deeper mechanically, than pretty much any FF.

The story still is not good. And framerate is terrible which will be fixed with PC release hopefully.

Now onto FFXV.

The battle system, looks and sounds like a variant, of KH, with FFXII's gambits, with weapon switching from like Ninja Gaiden. People just took one statement and went batshit insane with it. That is really kinda cool if it works.

It would have been cooler, if each character had their own play style instead of just noctis, as if the combat is good that would increase the replay ability of the game.

That said, I think the kingdom hearts fighting ranges from poor to good (Though it's improved pretty much every game). So my expectations aren't that high and were never that high to begin with.