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drake_tolu said:
I don't know why the people think that this 60K for Wii U is so bad... yeah, isn't much good, i agree, but fuck, is increase of 100% by last year without
without game: 60K
with Pikmin: 30K !!!

Mario Kart is coming 3 month ago...
And Wii U have sold good for 2 month only with this game, so, isn't a succes, but isn't "doom", next month will even back +100K costant for rest of year.

Both 60k or 30k for a month are both horrible numbers. Happy? 

Wii U has had Mario 3D World, Zelda WWHD, Wii Party U, $299.99 NSMBU bundle, DKC, Mario Kart 8, Rayman, etc. launched from last year to this year, so I dunno, they've spent a lot of their "big guns" and all they have to show for it is an extremely mediocre baseline that's well below 100k and GameCube level sales. 

In fact Gamecube Aug 2003 is 100k, that's more than Wii U's Aug 2013 and 2014 combined and Aug 2003 was a really weak month for the GameCube (Nintendo cut the price the following month).