Sorry for the late update. Was busy the week I was supposed to do it, and after that on a trip...

First decided to go back to the old Wii polls from 2010 and 2013. I noticed there was no option for non-voters, so I thought that could have skewed some results (I tried to make a new one as a base, but it got nearly no votes). From those two I picked 2010 as it is not at the end of the generation, plus it had more votes/posts.

Decided to do a comparison and there are some differences between the posts and the poll, but both show that the average collection was around 50-50.

With the improved poll used on this thread, I see less differences between posts and the poll; although the poll votes are more skewed to lower percentages. Comparing the results from both the Wii and WiiU polls we see the following.

The VCGz WiiU collections are more first party focused than those of the Wii. Reasons? I did make the Wii poll four years after it launched, and this poll has been done half of that. Or do you think that the quantity or quality of third party releases is the reason for this? I myself noticed I was always in the 41-60% range with the Wii, meanwhile I'm currently in the 21-40% for the WiiU.

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