No, actually. There is something called sexual dimorphism. Men and women simply have different bodies, that is a scientific fact based on several parameters: bone density, musculature, hormone production, pelvic construction just to name a few. There is a reason why a male-to-female transsexual was not allowed in the professional women's MMA league (or some female fighting league I don't know which). Physiologically that person is a male and has an unfair advantage over every other compeititor in that league. The reason so many sports are divided between men and women isn't sexism. It's the simple fact that men and women are physiologically different.

Now, interesting enough. Transsexuals show brain chemistry/activity more similar to their desired gender than their biological one. Therefore it makes sense that they might attach more importance to their desired gender.

I personally don't care either way. I give zero shits about what another person sees themselves as. However, I and everyone else also has the right to hold differing beliefs. If a church doesn't want to perform a marriage for someone who has a perceived gender different from their biological gender you can't expect them to violate their beliefs just to satisfy those of the transexual's. Don't those church people have a right to their beliefs, also?

Back to the point of this thread, though. Sure, I guess the mods could add that. Like I said, doesn't really matter to me what a person considers themself.