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spemanig said:
sundin13 said:
OP, talk to me about cities, because I disagree with your vision here. I don't want any hub city, optional or not. I don't want any side quests and I don't want many NPCs. If I see no one but enemies in the entire game, I wouldn't complain. So, talk to me about what you are thinking here...

Sure. Basically, what I'm talking about is a place Samus can explore that is populated with others. The best was I can describe it is the pub in star wars where luke meets Han for the first time. It does have to be as big or complex as a city in GTA or something. Maybe Samus visits the city because there's reason to believe that there is a nest of Metroid larvae, and the entire city is at risk. Whatever, I just think that Samus is much closer to Boba Fett than people give her credit for, and a city of fugatives giving her bounties to hunt would be a cool way to explore that side of her.

I reaaaally don't want to see side-quests like that in metroid games, which is one of the reasons I'm tentative about cities. Cities tend to be hubs, and hubs don't belong in the metroid series. Hubs are places where you buy weapons and armor and talk to NPCs and get quests...none of those things should be in this game. I think they could pull off a city where you have to run through the city chasing or hunting something down, but you shouldn't be able to relax at any moment (Look at the gameplay for Prey 2, without all the annoying stuff before the chase and think perhaps you get led into a space pirate hive or a lab or something and you have to explore it to find the guy who got away. I get the comparison with Star Wars, but in a game about isolation, it doesn't make sense, unless you are isolated from the city itself when you are in the city.

Also, when I think of cities in games, I think of the Citadel from ME1 and I absolutely hated that city so I'm a bit gunshy.