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Easy! Highest rated games of all time, highest software sales of all time, most consistent, most diverse, a name and franchises synonymous with modern gaming. Where is your argument? Skyrim? An opinion, based on your personal thoughts? ok then! The data is on my side, how unfortunate for you

Good for you.

People not buying a WiiU proves me right.

Poor argument!

Hardware sales is a terrible measure of a game developers pedigree. I sincerely hope you are not serious with that point.

Anyway I'll see you tmrrwz

Good morning.

Leaving for work so I will make this short.


My only point last night was to say Nintendo is not the be all end all of developers and if they cannot do it all then what makes them the best? Skyrim was only used as an example since it is a title Nintendo cannot create, especially doing so without any bugs. They are the best in specific categories of games, just like many others, which would make them "one of the best".

I do not believe there to be a "best of the best".




I also apologize if some of my posts seem a bit "off". I am personally shocked at how much I posted last night. It all came after family was over for a weekend BBQ and I was really drunk.

I am proud of my typing.

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