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It is obvious to anyone with common sense that Nintendo IS NOT the best developer in the world. Their online is subpar (They even choose AGAINST in game chat for a team-based competitive shooter!!) and I doubt they could even create a game on the same level as Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Minecraft or even Destiny.

Until they prove that they can then there is no way to begin claiming them to be the best. The notion is just silly.

Common sense? According to whom is it common sense and what is it based on? Also, using that common sense, who is the best developer in the world. Their online has been subpar yes, but online is but one element and is not featured in every single game so it would be silly to use that as some kind of deciding factor. Discrediting developers for subpar gameplay, uninspired level design, boring art style, poor visuals or releasing products with significant bugs would be just as valid.

It seems like you're using your own opninion and preferences to define this level that Nintendo needs to surpass. For many Nintendo has already made games that surpass those (or those games never beat Nintendo's offerings to begin with). Now, it's perfectly fine for you to believe that Nintendo is incapable of reaching that "level" but that doesn't mean that everyone has to share that belief. And thus there's nothing silly about regarding Nintendo as the greatest, unless people claim it to be fact or "common sense".

Good response.

You would see, if you continued to read, that this is my point. No dev is universally "the best". For everything you might think they do best someone else will cite something they cannot do that another dev does and does well.

iPhone = Great gaming device. Don't agree? Who cares, because you're wrong.

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