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Ka-pi96 said:
Hmmm. Nintendo does have a problem getting 3rd parties. Most people that buy Nintendo consoles are just buying them for Nintendo games and either don't care about 3rd party games anyway or have other consoles/pc that they would rather play 3rd party games on. This isn't really working for Nintendo at the moment though, if they want really high sales figures they need for their console to have enough 3rd party support for it to be a primary console for non-Nintendo fans, if they manage that then 3rd party games will sell much better and they won't have a problem getting them anymore.

I disagree with point number 2. IMO Sony, Microsoft and numerous 3rd parties make better games than Nintendo.. Just look at sales figures and you'll see the majority of gamers agree with me.

3rd point is just harsh. Xbox One isn't winning but it's not doing bad. It is above where the 360 was in the same time frame and now there have been price cuts and with some good games coming later this year it will certainly pick up. Also, the upcoming COD (a 3rd party game) will probably be a very good system seller despite being multiplat.

speak for yourself ().