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Conina said:
Kaizar said:


No, that's not a fact. How many times do we have to go over that again? You are really learning resistent, aren't you?

It is physical impossible to deliver more clarity on an display with 0.2 Mpixel (1x 800x240 or 2x 400x240) than on a display with 2 MPixel (1x 1920x1080 or 2x 960x1080) or with 8 MPixel (4K, 3840x2160). You should really get your eyes checked!

I'm probably the second biggest 3D fan on this forum. I always have the 3d slider of the 3DS XL to the max (all three Layton games on 3DS are stereoscopic masterpieces), I love to play PC games with my Nvidia 3D vision shutter glasses and I watch every good Blu-ray 3D I can get on my 3D TV.

Why do you have to give vicarious embarrassment to every 3d enthusiast with your delusional 3D propaganda posts? 

You believe in the resolution myth. That's the same as believing in the MHz myth.

And if you are such a 3D enthusiast, then why do I never see you on any of these things:


Why is it, that you have never known about the resolution myth, and MHz myth?