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Dusk said:

What is presumptuious is assuming when the numbers are submitted. They might be done early that morning from the evening before (if there is any data), in the middle of the day, or near the end of the work day. Or any time inbetween for that matter. We don't have a time stamp of when this data is submitted, therefor it is an unknown. You are also assuming it is done at the same time each time it is done and again we have no bases for that assumption.

The numbers aren't published the same day that they occur.  There is usually at least a few days lag.  The numbers would also be far less useful if there wasn't a known consistency to the time periods.  One week could have 8 days, another only 6.

It was one thing to just not know what day the numbers ran through.  This theory though that they just use random times every week is ridiculous.  It is not presumptuous to assume they use a sane, consistent time period.