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Yakuzaice said:
Dusk said:

That's fine, but we are talking about NA not Japan. I said it's presumptuious. As I said, even if you do count the 31st it was 3 days. 

Dusk said:

Mario Kart 8 came out on the 29th of May in Japan, 30th in NA and 31 is Aus. Just looked it up. Where did you get "Mario Kart had 4 days in Japan" from?

Where did you get "we are talking about NA not Japan" from?  It is also not presumptuous to use the data correctly.  I don't know why you are saying "even if you do count", the data goes through the end of the day.  Not sure why you are trying to turn that into some sort of unknown.

What is presumptuious is assuming when the numbers are submitted. They might be done early that morning from the evening before (if there is any data), in the middle of the day, or near the end of the work day. Or any time inbetween for that matter. We don't have a time stamp of when this data is submitted, therefor it is an unknown. You are also assuming it is done at the same time each time it is done and again we have no bases for that assumption.

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.