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BeElite said:
Nirvana_Nut85 said:

The article is incorrect. 3 days of sales in Japan, 2 days in N.A and E.U. Sales data ends Saturday as Sunday is considered the first day of the week.

You are forgetting about the size of the install base when Uncharted 3 was released.  Uncharted 3  1.35 million sold to a consumer base of 55 million people. That is a drastic difference in comparison to the paltry 6 Million on the Wii U. I would be willing to bet the bank that 99% of Sony fans would be very impressed if UC4 moved a similar amount of units in the same time frame to an install base the size of the Wii U. There is no way on God's green earth UC4 could come close to shipping 3.8 million with only 6 million consoles in the market. 

As for shipped vs sold, people are specualting but there are no definitive numbers yet whether it is shipped or sold so for that we will have to see. Nintendo did mentioon that it included digital sales so it very well could be sold to consumer.

Its a premier franchise, user base excuse goes out the window.  If Halo5 dropped tommorow it would still do millions on X1 even with its even smaller then wiiu user base.  People own xbox for HAlo, one would think given the popularity of the comment people own nintendo consoles for nitntendo games nintys biggest franchise would do impressive numbers for the market not just its console. 

Should also factor in how game starved people are right now, especially for a mega franchise with such quality.  This isent infamous or forza type franchise, 33m sold last gen iv read this plenty on here.  Id expect more from a mega ip on any console right now of similar user base.  But to each his own. 

It's just nopt logical. User base does not go out the window because it does not matter what game you release, it will not have the same launch numbers as it would with 30-50 million. Now, this is where legs of a game come into play. A premier game should manage substantial lifetime sales regardless of when it was released in the consoles lifetime. that I will agree to. 

One thing to note is Mario Kart Wii was only 2 million in its launch week when combining the April 18th EU/ Japan launch and May 3rd US launch in which the console was at 25 million sales. MK Wii was released on a Monday in EU Jap and Tuesday in N.A which also provided several more days of sales. Do you not see how silly it sounds when you claim that 1.2 mill in 2-3 days on a console that has only sold 6 million units is not impressive? 

You can use Halo as an example of a mega franchise but while it has front loaded sales, it does not have the legs like the past few MK's and we cannot really even use it as an example because besides the original, there has not been a Halo released early in any Xbox's life cycle.

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