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BeElite said:

Its a premier franchise, user base excuse goes out the window.  If Halo5 dropped tommorow it would still do millions on X1 even with its even smaller then wiiu user base.  People own xbox for HAlo, one would think given the popularity of the comment people own nintendo consoles for nitntendo games nintys biggest franchise would do impressive numbers for the market not just its consoles. 

Should also factor in how game starved people are right now, especially for a mega franchise with such quality.  This isent infamous or forza type franchise, 33m sold last gen iv read this plenty on here.  Id expect more from a mega ip on any console right now of similar user base.  But to each his own. 

35.5 million sold last gen.
But out of that 35.5 million, MKWii sold 2.1 million aligned first week. (Just 6%) And MK was already established as a mega franchise by that point, almost 10 million on N64. Almost 7 million on GCN. Approaching 13 million on DS by that point. Wii was all about legs; we'll see if MK8 is at all similar.
I admit I expected at least a million from MK8 week 1. And I do think it will be more front loaded.