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fedfed said:
Ucell said:
curl-6 said:
Ucell said:
I think Watch Dogs on all platforms combined will have a higher debut.

You just can't help yourself, can you?

Did I hurt your emotions? If so, then I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.

I am not sure if you hurt his emotions but i guess that your comment is kind of obvious no? 1.2 milion Nintendo WiiU exclusive vs a Game out on 4 platforms that combined have sold more than 25 times WiiU...


At least I hope for Watchdog!

But you are forgetting that MK8 is well established popular IP and high selling game whereas Watch Dogs is a new IP which has seen huge criticism before the release about graphics downgrade and sold more than 50% only on small install base of PS4/xbox one.

GAMING is not about spending hours to pass/waste our time just for fun,

its a Feeling/Experience about a VIRTUAL WORLD we can never be in real, and realizing some of our dreams (also creating new ones).

So, Feel Emotions, Experience Adventure/Action, Challenge Game, Solve puzzles and Have fun.

PlayStation is about all-round "New experiences" using new IP's to provide great diversity for everyone.

Xbox is always about Online and Shooting.

Nintendo is always about Fun games and milking IP's.