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So we've about 30 minutes to go until the tourney starts (4PM BST/11AM EST). Community codes are:

0642-7368-7206 (Group 1)

6346-6994-8720 (Group 2)

9441-7183-3120 (Finals)


Please enter all required codes and be here about 10-15 minutes before the tourney is due to start. Post here when you're online and ready to go, then at the start time the group leaders (myself for Group 1, Slarvax for Group 2) will enter and post. It is imperative that you then enter the tourney promptly thereafter, but not before. Odds are on that we will enter on exactly the hour; but do check before entering (even if it means lots of refreshing!)

There should be 9 people in each group (see below). After the eight races, the best six from each group will move onto the "Finals" tourney (as above). Here, there will be five more races to decide the ultimate VGC champion, so try your best! The whole thing should last approximately an hour.

In addition, the participants and their groups are here:


User Group
Conegamer 1 (Group Leader)
Shadow1980 2
KingKazuma34 1
Einsam_Delphin 2
AlphaCielago 1
Slarvax 2 (Group Leader)
FatedReality 1
swbf2lord 2
KingofredLions 1
BiffAtlas 1
animegaming 2
justinian 1
cycycychris 2
THE1 2
THE1 (+1) 2
MoHasanie 1
osed125 2
ktay95 1
amp316 1


Please if you wish to join, say so ASAP!


Also if needs be, my NNID is Conegamer for those of you yet to add me.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.