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RubberWhistleHistle said:
oniyide said:
RubberWhistleHistle said:
BasilZero said:
Will get it when it goes on sale ;)

how would it ever go on sale? you know how stubborn nintendo is with the prices of their games. i usually buy nintendo games the week they release and i have never seen a sale on them before. is a sale for yoshis new island feasible at all?

you kidding? NSMB2, Star fox 643d, mario and luigi, paper mario just to name a few all on sale. Where you been? hell with Yoshi i expect the price to drop in the summer

i just have always bought nintendo games at full price and never checked to see what the prices went to later. i also work at a used video game store, so we never see new games. all our nintendo-made 3ds games are at least 30 dollars all the time and whenever i go to gamestop and check the nintendo section, the majority of all nintendo made games keep their price and i have never witnessed one of these 'sales'  before. 

Amazon...its your friend