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RolStoppable said:
I agree that the Metascore for this game is unjust. It makes people believe that it is a poor game which isn't true. Although it's definitely not great either. I scored it 7.7/10 with the music and boss fights being the low points of the game.

And yes, if you use the d-pad, you won't do a ground-pound by accident.

i can see how somebody wouldn't take to the music initially, but after playing through the entire game, how could you not appreciate what they have done with it? the weird squeaking that occurs did throw me off and i thought it was stupid at first, but it grew to be very very endearing to me. i love the squeaking now; it gives the game character. i like how they incorporated the squeaking in world 3-5 for example. its hilarious. and then the spin that world six takes on the music i think is awesome. didnt you like the world six music? i thought it was very fitting for the end of the game. 

the boss fights, i am assuming that you think they are too easy, and they really are. way too easy, but i have to say that they are creative. i will not take that away from them. also, the difficulty is a bit higher if you consider the fact that you cant get hit when you face them. so i can see it both ways with the boss fights.